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Cambodia: Sunday School Teacher Training

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Proclaim Truth To The Next Generation

This summer 2022, help us train Cambodian churches with gospel resources. We are raising support to translate curriculum and teach teachers to use those resources for children's ministry all around this the country. We need your help to bring biblical resources to the unreached of Cambodia.

"Let the little children come to me..." 

29% of the population of Cambodia is 14 years old and younger (2019 census). That means that 4.5 million children need to hear the gospel of Jesus in an unreached population where only 2% are Christians. We have the unique opportunity to teach children's ministry leaders to evangelize and "train up children in the way they should go." (Prov 22:6)

Support Our New Christian Curriculum 

We have a 3-year plan for the gospel of Christ to reach children and families across Cambodian churches. This fundraiser is for the first year. We aim to translate, contextualize, and train Sunday School Teachers to teach historic Christian doctrines using the New City Catechism Curriculum, originally developed by Crossway and Redeemer Church.

"A catechism is tremendously valuable for providing an overall interpretation for the sweep of Scripture." - John Piper

Harvest Ministry 

Action Cambodia sees this crucial moment to reach children with the Word of Truth. For this purpose, we are partnering with Harvest Ministry, a local partnership with a Cambodian Christian ministry with over 10 years of experience with youth and children. Started by Sophoin Hang, it is the aim of Harvest Ministry to offer regional Sunday School Teacher Trainings to equip teachers across Cambodia for children's ministry. 

Workshops will be held with local churches. Each year, the ministry trains 300-500 teachers, representing 200 churches, and being sent to over 1000 children.

Please Pray For This Fundraiser
  • Our total goal is $41,330 for 12 months. For 3 years, the Sessions, Camp, and Salary are repeated. The 3-year total is $107,390.
    1. Translation ($6,000) 
      • Translation, editing, and layouts for the Khmer New City Catechism Curriculum
    2. Printing ($2,300)
      • Print, ship, and distribute 2,000 training books
    3. Training Sessions ($7,200)
      • Plan and execute 12 training sessions per year across the provinces of Cambodia. Each will include 40 attendees who will be instructed and brought into the Harvest Ministry network for follow-up and discipleship throughout the months. Costs include food, materials, travel, and lodging.
    4. Annual Multiday Training Camp ($6,030)
      • Plan and execute a 3-day camp, where multiple churches will send teachers from different provinces to join. We plan for 60 attendees for this united event. Costs include food, materials, travel, lodging, leaders’ salary.
    5. Staff Salary ($19,800)
      • The Harvest Ministry team is made up of 2 founders. The hope is to cover their monthly salary. In addition, the team needs an additional 2 members to expand their reach and effectiveness.

Practical and Biblical Training

Sunday School Teacher Training is both theoretical and practical. We focus on helping the teachers conduct their children's ministries on realistic budgets for low-income regions.

This project provides children’s ministry resources by:

  • Creating culturally-appropriate biblically-based curriculum
  • Preparing workshops and connecting with other like-minded Christians to provide more tools for ministry
  • Providing community, prayer, and support for the children and churches among this Cambodian population
  • Mentoring and holding annual follow-up for teachers and their children

Story of Harvest Ministry

From 2000 to 2010, Sophoin Hang was a team leader at a local Cambodian Christian ministry, planning training events for children and teachers. She later considered a role at a large Christian NGO. This made her family happy, because it was a stable and well-paying opportunity, but every night she could not sleep. As Sophoin thought about this comfortable NGO role, she saw the innocent faces of many children asking her to share the gospel with them because they needed God’s love. She saw them pleading to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, and not leave them behind. Her heart ached to reach out to children and make disciples, that they might follow Christ when they grow up.
“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” This verse would often stir her up, as if Jesus was telling her: “The laborers are so few, and now you want to quit? I gave you skills and a heart's desire to serve. I called you. Do you want to give up?”
One friend encouraged her to persevere in children’s ministry, telling her, “You are good at this. I know your situation. You need a job to feed your family right now, but do not simply work a job. Work with children.” Sophoin felt the Lord pushing her to go and harvest. The harvest is so plentiful.
And so she founded Harvest Ministry in 2010, fueled by a longing to be obedient to God. The ministry started with almost no resources or support. But many volunteers reminded her that God will supply. At the beginning it was difficult. Sophoin did not know how she would survive. It was like walking in the dessert. But she remained certain of God’s calling to minister to children. And she was grateful that her husband was supportive of her during her difficult times. She learned to live out 2 Corinthians 5:7 and “walk by faith”.
Over 10 years later, by God’s grace, Harvest Ministry carries out its vision for reaching children and making disciples in partnership with local churches. With prayer and some financial support from family and friends, Harvest Ministry has been able to work with thousands of teachers and children; many who are serving as leaders today.
Thanks be to the Lord for calling Harvest Ministry to work with Action Cambodia. We praise God for the friends and family who have supported the ministry until now. May God reach many more children for His kingdom. Amen.

Help us train teachers to reach children

"And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." 

- 2 Timothy 2:2