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April Camp in Zambia

April Camp in Zambia

In August, we were able to have an amazing camp at Camp Ciyanjano with the children from Ordained of God Christian Church, Garden Compound. We were very blessed to have almost 70 kids and more than a dozen leaders and fantastic teaching on the Fruit of the Spirit from Galatians by Pastor Thole (Uncle T) from Chisomo Baptist in Matero.

We wanted to bless Pastor Thole's church by holding an evangelical outreach at their church last December and then to bring those children out to camp in April. While our turnout of kids was less than we anticipated (45) we had a great turnout of Champs (16 - Ciyanjano Champions for Children). This actually was an amazing opportunity for the Champs to have smaller groups, easier discussion times, and to hold a better camp logistically. We had the excellent team of Pastor Cassius Silumande and his wife, Auntie Lukundo, from International Baptist to teach the lessons on the Fruit of the Spirit.

This camp was made up of primarily unchurched kids, and we are praying for these kids to get connected to Chisomo Baptist and the leaders there. Many of the kids had never heard teaching about the Fruit of the Spirit and were super engaged with our speakers and with the Champs in cabin time. We are praising God for the great leaders he has given us and for these kids! Pastor Cassius did a lesson that will stick with the kids for a long time from the True Love Waits program. He had the kids pick sweets and suck on them for about a minute. Then all the kids put their sweets back in their wrappers and but them in a plastic bag together. When he asked the kids if they wanted to try and choose a sweet again, there was chaos! Of course, no one wanted to pick a sweet that had been in someone else's mouth! This lesson about love and relationships and the reality of HIV was one of the best lessons I've seen at camp.

Please pray for our leaders and for these kids from Matero!