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Ukraine Relief Update #8

Ukraine Relief Update #8

Thank you for your ongoing support for our Ukraine Relief Project. We are grateful that you have partnered with us to help these dear people during this time of crisis.

Below you will find two updates, both from feeding programs we are currently sponsoring.

In my next update, I will share what our UK Director, Paul Hughes, learned during his recent trip to Ukraine, as well as the ministry plans that came out of that visit. For now I will leave you with a couple of prayer requests that Paul shared with me once he returned. These requests are not for the faint of heart, however I do think it is good for us to know what the Ukranian churches are going through.

• More than 350 evangelical pastors have been drafted into the armed forces. A significant and growing number of them are already with Christ. Chaplains have also been killed. Overall, over a million have been mobilized and most have seen active fighting. Obviously some of these men, ages 18 to 30, are church members.  

• Pastors, who are exhausted themselves, are dealing with people trying to recover from profound trauma. This includes church women who have been raped by Russian soldiers, families who were unable to bury their dead because the Russians placed mines under their cadavers, and Ukrainian soldiers who were captured, tortured and castrated, and then released. Some of these individuals are suicidal. 

• In the midst of all this, numerous churches have grown 500% compared to a year ago, so please pray for the shepherds of these growing flocks.

Thank you for your prayers for the Ukranian people. May God protect them, heal them, and liberate them.

is the city where ACTION field worker Whitney Cravens had lived prior to Covid. It is under Russian occupation, but at this very moment the Ukranian army is advancing to liberate the people there. Please pray.

In partnership with members of Whitney's church in Kherson, ACTION has been providing food packets for about 200 people each month, for about $20 each. It is your generosity that has allowed us to help believers who suddenly found themselves "behind enemy lines."

Following is a brief message and pictures that we received from one of the pastors of the church:

"The situation in Kherson is very difficult, Russian military equipment is constantly moving around, rocket explosions are constantly heard day and night. Now the food products in are all from Russia, but the prices have become three times more expensive for everything. Banks do not work in the city, so cash can be obtained only from people who take 15 to 20% of your amount. It is very hard for the old people who cannot receive and withdraw their pensions and many of them are hungry and sell the last things they have in their homes. It is very difficult and with medicines they have risen in price by 3-5 times.

Under all these difficult circumstances, we serve and help many people. We help with over 200 food packages, help with finding and buying medicines, and also with other things necessary for life. We share the Gospel, we pray for people, we invite them to church. God opens people's hearts through our good deeds. Thank you for helping our ministry in Kherson."

ACTION partners with Vital Solutions to feed 10,000 people in Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Vital Solutions is a Seattle-area non-profit run by pastor Ben Sterciuc, longtime friend of ACTION. Ben escaped from Romania during the Ceausescu dictatorship, settled in Seattle, and became a respected pastor, businessman, and non-profit director. 

His hometown in Romania is just 10 minutes from the border crossing with Ukraine, and when the Russians invaded, Ben and a team went to Romania within days. The ministry opportunities we had through Ben, right at the beginning of the invasion, were amazing.

Lately, we have partnered with Vital Solutions to sponsor meals for 10,000 people in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. In this video pastor Ben shares about that endeavor. Thank you for making this possible.