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Ukraine Relief Update #9

Ukraine Relief Update #9

Today, as we celebrate the de-occupation of our city Kherson, we would like to stop for a minute and reminisce on what it took to survive and whom we owe our survival. From the very first days of war, God had put into the hearts of Action International Ministries and your local Field Worker the burden to support people in our city.

During all these 9 dark months of occupation, volunteers from our church would scavenge for grains, oil, flour, vegetables, and sometimes even meat to bring to families with kids, to the elderly, to those left without any means to live. Every month, with the finances sent to us by ACTION, we could feed hundreds of people, buy so much needed fuel, buy firewood, fill the gas tanks for cooking, and for all no more important purpose - with the enemy surrounding us, with everyday dangers for volunteers, because Russians kept preying on volunteers and holding them in captivity, with pressure and fear, with bombing and shelling.

We couldn't show these photos before, because we couldn't expose danger to people from our church, but now, as we inhale the air of freedom, we can finally tell the world about who helped us to continue to be the answer to people around us - ACTION and its Field Worker. There are hundreds and hundreds of pictures and videos from these 9 months, and it was hard to choose which to post.

ACTION still continues to support our city as we are left without electricity, water, heating, and, even for several weeks, without any means of communication whatsoever. With their help, we bought a generator that is used to bring light to the houses, help people charge phones and flashlights, and turn on water pumps to draw water.

And, of course, bringing help opened up for us not only the houses but the hearts of people. We could share with them the Word of God, pray for them, and give them hope - a rare commodity during those days.

Thank you, Lord, for these faithful friends who continue standing with us and enabling us to be God's hands and feet.
Written on Dec. 1, 2022