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Holly Moir Coordinator


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Holly Moir (ACTION Zambia Children’s Ministry Facilitator) and some of the Ciyanjano Champs currently run Bible Clubs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The Tuesday Bible Club ministers to 50 children with a snack, Kidzana-based gospel lessons, games, and worship. And the Wednesday Club serves 65 children, which also includes a meal. On Thursdays, there is a Teen Bible Study for children that have graduated from the Bible Club program. About 35 teens come to this study.

In a country where children are generally marginalized by society, including within the Church, these Bible Clubs and the Teen Study serve kids that are both physically and spiritually needy. The children come from the rural area surrounding Ciyanjano, where subsistence farming and seasonal piece work is the primary source of income. Many homes have a single parent, usually a single mother, with one income earner. Most households in the community claim to be Christians, but few have regular church attendance. Due to high prevalence of HIV and early loss of life, coupled with family expectations, many households care for orphans or vulnerable children from their extended families.

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  • Kelly & Tricia Huckaby


    ACTION Zambia Country Director. Camping, retreat & conference ministry....

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  • Holly Moir


    Holly Moir is a career missionary with ACTION Zambia. She serves ACTION Zambia as our Children's Ministry Facilitator at Camp Ciyanjano....

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