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Financially supporting church-based feeding programs for HIV-positive and underprivileged children in the poor compounds of Lusaka.



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With 68% of Zambians living below the national poverty line, having enough money to buy food for three meals a day continues to be a real challenge for most Zambians. Most low income families in Zambia rely on temporary employment (piecework), and they don’t always know when their next job will be coming or how much it will pay, so they tend to live day to day.

Because of these factors and others, many children in Zambia go to school without eating breakfast or will go home and not find any supper waiting for them. ACTION Zambia seeks to help alleviate this problem, albeit in a small way (with about 50% of the Zambia’s population being under the age of 15 years), through two separate feeding programs. We are excited that both of our feeding programs are either church-initiated or church-based, working in line with ACTION Zambia’s vision.

Faith Tabernacle Church Children’s HIV Feeding Program (click)

Living Hope Community School Feeding Program 

From 2007 through the present, ACTION Zambia (AZ) has helped provide funding to a community school in Mtendere township called Living Hope Community School. This funding allows the church-run school to feed the 460 students in attendance two times a week.

AZ also supports Mweetwa’s OVC Community School in Kanyama Compound with money for firewood for their weekly feeding program.

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  • Kelly & Tricia Huckaby


    ACTION Zambia Country Director. Camping, retreat & conference ministry....

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  • Andy & Jenn Ott


    C.R.O.S.S. Project HIV/AIDS Ministry Coordinators and Church-based Children/Youth Discipleship ...

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    Zambia: C.R.O.S.S. Project HIV/AIDS Ministry

    Zambia: FTC Feeding Program