Located in Calgary, Alberta. The Canada office has 49 career missionaries placed around the world, as well as 30+ short-term missionaries each year.
North America


Dr. Wayne & Oi-Wah Whitbourne

Country Director

Country Address
3015 A 21st Street NE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 7T1


Phone: 403-204-1421
CANADA TOLL-FREE: 1-888-443-2221
Fax: 403-204-1501
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The ACTION Canada office is located in Calgary, Alberta. The ACTION Canada office has 49 career missionaries located around the world, as well as placing 30+ short-term missionaries worldwide each year.

While most career missionaries minister overseas, a few minister in North America One example is Wayne and Diane MacLeod, who live in Nova Scotia. Wayne is an author and Bible teacher. Many of his books have been translated and distributed to pastors around the world. He is now involved with the ACTION BookShare and Pastor Leadership Development ministries.

ACTION Canada partners with many other ministries to work together to further the Kingdom of God. Some of these ministries are: Canadian Council of Christian Charities (Canada), Emmanuel Hospital Association (India), Asian Hope (Cambodia), Christian Growth Ministries (Philippines), and ABBA Ministries (Brazil).

ACTION Canada has created a public involvement website, called Love to Action, which offers 4 ways to get involved in supporting ACTION ministry – child sponsorship, a gift catalogue, Short Term Mission Opportunities, and Fundraising Ideas. Check out the website and see where you could be involved in making a difference in people’s lives.

ATTENTION CANADIAN DONORS: for those of you that donate by cheque/money order, please be aware that, because of stricter rules by Canadian banks, cheques and money orders MUST be made payable to ACTION’s full name, “ACTION INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES“. If you have any questions about this, please contact the ACTION Canada office.

Special Note: In 2014, ACTION partnered with Vancouver Missionsfest in their annual Special Project. Called Bundles of Hope, hundreds of donated sets of newborn baby clothes were collected. The donations were sent to ACTION’s Shalom Birthing Clinic in Manila, Philippines, which blessed hundreds of poor, filipino families. Be blessed by watching the video about the impact of this Special Project: Vancouver Missionsfest 2014 Special Project.

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