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Brazil: Casa Semear

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Casa Semear is Portuguese for “the Sower House” and is a place where the seeds of God’s love and truth are continually being sowed into the lives of the at-risk children who attend the ministry’s day programs.

History and Background:

Casa Semear is a project of “ABBA”, which is a ministry founded in 1993 as means to show God’s love to the thousands of children and adolescents living on the streets in the impoverished urban sprawl of São Paulo, Brazil. During its first decade ABBA developed several different children´s homes to care for these needy children and reach their families. In 2009, Action missionaries Robert and Silvana Meikle felt God´s call to ministering to these children in a preventative manner, reaching them before they left their families and communities to life on the streets. The work of Casa Semear started small, operating out of the garages of several small local churches. With time, it grew until ABBA could purchase Casa Semea's current property on the edge of several slum communities. The property houses a small library, computer room, offices, playground, classrooms and guest house.

What is the ministry doing now?

Currently Casa Semear's program runs during the weekdays, serving approximately 90 at-risk children and adolescents. Two Saturdays a month there is also a worship service or a special event for the families and children living in the community. In the moments that children spend at Casa Semear, they participate in a variety of activities playing games, doing arts and crafts, learning a musical instrument, playing sports, reading and learning about the Bible.

We believe that the best service offered to the community is the one that is based on the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the power of God to transform individual lives and the whole of society. This message is woven into all of what we do at Casa Semear.

Future Goals:

Casa Semear plays a vital role in the slum communities that surround it. However, there are many more communities just like these with children and families who would also benefit from similar projects. ABBA wants to see more and more centers like Casa Semear growing and thriving to effectively communicate God´s love to those in need.

Want to intern at Casa Semear? Then, check out Sowers House Internship.

To find out more about the work of Casa Semear, check out this video below.