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Brazil: Lar Davis

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Lar Davis is an orphanage just out of Fortaleza, Ceará, in Brazil’s northeast. Mainly as a result of accentuated poverty in this region, child prostitution, abuse, and drug addiction among caregivers is very common, and a lot of children end up being removed from their families and sent to orphanages. Lar Davis has two different sites, each with a number of family homes where national Christian women care for the children. The children study in local schools and take part in a variety of activities that are offered to them.

ACTION workers Tim and Lindsey Bayne and family and Chris and Ashley Irvin serve the Lar in all sorts of ways, including discipling the children, evangelism, professional skills training etc. Luciano Collares is the orphanage’s chaplain, assisted by his wife Sandra and the Conexáo Alegria team and is very present with his creative children’s programs and other activities.

The physical area of both sites is large leaving good space for plenty of recreation and other activities. The Lar welcomes short term workers to assist in activities such as English classes, work skills training, caregiving, sports, discipling, arts and crafts, maintenance, etc etc. For more information on these possibilities, please click here