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ACTION Zambia provides training, discipleship, and resource libraries for churches through our PLD ministry.



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In the compounds/slums around Lusaka there are many churches with lots of the poorest Zambians attending. The Pastors often have a heart for the gospel, but little education and no training. ACTION Zambia provides training, discipleship, and resource libraries for these churches through our PLD ministry.

Action Pastors College (APC) is a three-year program.  APC equips Lusaka’s compound pastors and church leaders who serve in local churches. Not only does APC empower existing leaders through instruction in Biblical exegesis, theology, church history, and practical ministry skills, but it is committed to developing personal relationships with these pastors to encourage spiritual growth and the fulfillment of God’s calling upon their lives. To that end, alongside classroom instruction, students meet with the teachers in small groups for study and personal interaction.

Discipleship 2:7 for leaders is a one-year program that seeks to equip compound/slum pastors and church leaders who are serving local churches in Lusaka. We seek to empower existing leaders through instruction on discipleship—specifically, how to make disciples that make disciples.  We seek to do this through small group settings and weekly coaching sessions. There are currently Discipleship 2:7 classes for both men and women church and ministry leaders.

Pastor Resource Centers (PRCs). Because many pastors here in Zambia cannot afford theological resources and books, the Pastoral Resource Center is a key component of PLD. A large library of books has been divided among four strategic locations in the Lusaka area for pastors to come and utilize for their theological and sermon studies.

AZ National Staff Involved: 

Pastor Wozifera and Mrs. Easter Ngoma

Pastor Cosmas Tembo


Discipleship 2:7 Ministry Coordinator

PLD Pastoral Training Instructor

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    Pastoral Leadership Development (PLD), primarily in Lusaka, Zambia...

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